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Kyocera Cloud

Information Manager

Managing thousands of files daily and transitioning from paper to digital, poses challenges when handled manually. Manual processes can lead to delays, affecting the entire team when document transactions get stuck.

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager facilitates the digitization of internal documents, streamlining management processes to boost operational efficiency. This solution empowers organizations to initiate their digital transformation journey, fostering productivity in the evolving work landscape.

Easily Organize Documents

Utilize Kyocera Cloud Information Manager to effortlessly arrange diverse documents in your daily tasks. Scan with MFPs or mobile devices, then seamlessly drag and drop them onto the web interface for efficient organization.

Find Documents Immediately

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager facilitates seamless indexing and organization of your documents. Efficiently locate requested documents by utilizing keywords or dates in quick search functionalities.

Easily Label Documents

The program utilizes OCR to analyze document content and extract keywords. These extracted keyword groups enable straightforward labeling tasks, allowing users to efficiently categorize with a single click.

Manage Document Access Easily

It establishes a secure document management, empowering users to control access based on document types. Additionally, it monitors and records document changes for enhanced security.

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