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A guide to toner FAQs for Westchester County offices

In most office settings, toner isn’t given much thought. We often take it for granted and rarely consider the necessity and complexity of it. From supplying companies with the adequate toner for their machines, to providing stress-free recycling methods and navigating the intricacies of toner cartridges, it is important to understand the toner essentials.

DEC Office Solutions, Inc. knows that the copious amounts of information regarding toner can be overwhelming for office managers who must stay abreast of all the latest trends and technologies. To help, we have created this guide to answer the most frequently asked questions about toner in the Westchester County area.

What is Toner?

Toner is a powder mixture that is used in laser printers and photocopiers to form a visible image on paper. It is composed of pigment particles, polymer binder, wax, and other additives that help disperse the pigments and make them adhere to the paper. The toner itself does not possess any color. When heated, the individual molecules of this powder mixture become fused together and form an image on the paper when rolled over the drum.

What are the Different Types of Toner?

Toner cartridges come in different variations, depending on the type of printer being used. Two of the most common types are OEM, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer, and compatible. OEM cartridges are commonly used in large corporate settings and are designed to be exact replicas of the original manufacturers toner specifications. Compatible cartridges are designed to work with numerous printer models and are available in both remanufactured and compatible type.

What is the Cost of Toner?

Toner costs vary depending on the size and type of toner cartridge needed. Genuine OEM toner cartridges are typically the most expensive, followed by remanufactured and compatible cartridges. Most manufacturers offer toner bundles, which can help businesses save money when buying supplies in bulk. It is also important to remember that some cartridge yield higher page counts than others.

Are Toner Cartridges Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, toner cartridges are recyclable and many local and national businesses are offering free recycling programs. It is important to be aware of the types of materials that can be recycled in your area, as some materials may not be accepted at your local recycling center. Additionally, some cartridges may contain hazardous materials, such as lead or mercury, that need to be handled with care during the recycling process.

Are Toner Cartridges Universal?

No, toner cartridges are not universal and must be compatible with the make and model of the printer. To find the right toner, consult your printer’s user manual or contact a DEC Office Solutions, Inc. Customer Service Representative, who can help you find the right cartridge for your printer.

What is a Toner Chip?

A toner chip is a small electronic device that is installed on the toner cartridge to keep track of the remaining toner levels. It interfaces with the printer and lets the user know when the end of the life expectancy of the cartridge is approaching. Some chips can be reset, while others cannot and must be replaced when the life cycle of the cartridge has been reached.

Why Does Toner Mess Up My Machine?

If the wrong type of toner is used, it can cause major damage to the machine. Even if the correct toner is used, depending on the model and type, it could be low in quality and cause issues with printing, such as page jams, streaks, and inaccurate toner levels being reported. It is important to use only toner that is recommended by the printer manufacturer.

How to Replenish Toner Properly?

It is not recommended to refill cartridges at home, as this can cause serious damage to the printer and can even void the printer’s warranty. Always use new toner cartridges that are designed for your specific model of printer. When purchasing a new toner cartridge, make sure it is from a reliable and reputable supplier. Using toner that is designed for a different printer model can cause irreparable damage to your printer.


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