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Discovering Scanners for Your Business and How They Can Help

Scanners have become an increasingly popular tool for many offices and businesses in the Queens area, as they make document management and digital archiving more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. By making the conversion from physical documents to digital files easier, businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of the many benefits scanners offer. This article delves into the the various types of scanners available for small and large businesses, the advantages of incorporating scanners into their day-to-day operations, and how DEC Office Solutions can help you make the most of your scanner purchase.

What is a scanner?

A scanner is an integrated hardware and software system that allows businesses to convert documents to digital format for storage, management and collaboration. scanners come in many shapes, sizes, and functions, but the two main types of scanners used in offices are flatbed and sheet-fed. Flatbed scanners are designed to process large format documents such as drawings and other large paper documents, while sheet-fed scanners are more economical and ideal for handling smaller documents and letters. The main advantage of using a digital scanner instead of a photocopy or fax machine is its ability to quickly, and accurately, convert paper documents into searchable digital files.

Benefits of Using a scanner for Business

There are many benefits that businesses can unlock by incorporating digital scanning into their day-to-day operations. Firstly, incorporating a scanner allows businesses to save time and money by speeding up a variety of processes such as document management, document sharing, and archiving. Additionally, scanners enable businesses to better manage documents as they can organize, sort, and search for documents more efficiently.

Using a scanner for document management also has the advantage of creating a secure digital archive, which is far more secure than a physical filing cabinet of paper documents. Additionally, digital scanning and archiving allows multiple users to access the same documents simultaneously, making the process of document collaboration far more efficient.

Finally, digital scanners provide businesses with the opportunity to outsource the task of document management to third-parties and virtual e-signing companies, helping them further reduce the time and cost of document management.

DEC Office Solutions: Supporting Your Document Management Needs

DEC Office Solutions provides a full range of document management solutions and services to businesses in the Queens Area. From office equipment to multi-functional scanners, shredders and photocopiers to document management systems (DMS) and Managed Print Services (MPS), DEC Office Solutions has everything you need to keep up with the demands of modern working life.

At DEC Office Solutions, our team of scanner experts can help you differentiate between the various types of scanners, advise on which type best suits your businesses needs and budget, and provide assistance with installation. Moreover, our team can also provide ongoing support and maintenance services, as well as media advice and ongoing document management solutions.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a scanner for your small business or setup an enterprise-level document management system, DEC Office Solutions is the one-stop shop for all your scanner and document management needs in the Queens area.


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