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Frequently Asked Questions about Document Management

As companies become increasingly reliant on digital tools, the need to effectively manage important documents becomes more pressing. Document management solutions (DMS) can help businesses streamline processes, improve efficiency, and save money in the long run. But before investing in a DMS, it’s important to understand the features and benefits of the solution, as well as any possible issues that may arise from implementing a DMS. To help businesses in the Garfield, New Jersey area better understand document management, the team at DEC Office Solutions has compiled this list of frequently asked questions.

What is Document Management?

Document management, also known as DMS, is a system used to track, manage, store, and distribute electronic and physical documents. This system can include automated document workflows, document access controls, automated document filing, document review capabilities, cloud document storage, and document indexing and search capabilities.

What are the Benefits of Document Management?

Document management solutions offer a wealth of benefits, including: improved document access, greater security, enhanced collaboration, enhanced organization, streamlined workflows, reduced waste, improved customer service, and better record keeping. Improved document access allows companies to quickly find and access files. This saves time, eliminates the need to search through stacks of physical files, and reduces paper waste. Document management solutions also offer greater security as physical hard copies can be officially destroyed (per document retention rules) after a certain amount of time, and documents can be stored securely in the cloud, preventing unauthorized access. Additionally, DMS allows for enhanced collaboration, as multiple individuals can work on documents simultaneously from any location. Documents can be organized into custom taxonomies which makes files easier to find. Automated workflows can be set up to streamline the process of completing documents. Document management systems also help to standardize customer service. Lastly, the auditing capabilities of DMS make it easier to reconstruct past events, which is helpful when dealing with legal issues or regulatory compliance.

What are the Possible Drawbacks of Document Management?

The biggest potential drawbacks of using a document management system are cost and employee adoption. Depending on the scope of the system, the initial cost of a DMS solution can be significant. The average cost for a full-scale document management system varies depending on the features being purchased, but will generally cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. Additionally, employee adoption of an unfamiliar system can be difficult and time consuming, as the staff must learn to use the system and all of its features.

What Features Should I Look for in a Document Management System?

When evaluating a document management solution, there are several features you should consider. First, consider the pricing structure of the system. Some systems offer flat rate fees while others charge a monthly subscription. Additionally, you should evaluate the level of security offered by the system and make sure that the system meets the organization’s security needs. Document indexing and search capabilities should also be considered. This feature allows users to quickly find documents without having to search through folders and drawers. Finally, an effective DMS should offer automated workflows to streamline the document review and approval process.

Final notions

At DEC Office Solutions, we understand the importance of an effective document management system and the impact it can have on a business’s efficiency and bottom line. If you’re looking for a reliable document management system, our team can advise on the right solution for your business needs. To learn more about our document management services, please visit our website or contact us today.


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