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Frequently Asked Questions about Scanners

Scanning important documents has become a major part of modern business. From digitizing receipts and contracts to creating digital backups of important paperwork, the right scanner can help streamline your processes and protect your investments. With so much to consider when purchasing a scanner, we decided to answer some common questions to help businesses in the Staten Island area make the best choice for their needs.

What are the Different Types of scanners?

There are several types of scanners available on the market today, including flatbed, sheetfed, portable, document, film, and book scanners. Flatbed scanners have a lid that lifts and a flat base where documents are placed on the scanner bed. They typically take up the most desk space, but are the most versatile and can accommodate a wide variety of items. Sheetfed scanners, sometimes referred to as credit card or document scanners, are best for scanning smaller items such as photographs or cards. They are compact, making them perfect for business travelers.

Portable scanners pair with computers, phones, and tablets. This type of scanner allows users to capture photos and documents without connecting to a computer. Document scanners are best for creating large documents, such as contracts, for digital archiving. Film scanners can scan and save photographs taken with film cameras, while book scanners are designed specifically for scanning the pages of a book without tearing them.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing a scanner?

When selecting a scanner, the key factors to consider are accessibility, image quality, and speed. Accessibility refers to the devices with which the scanner is compatible. The image quality is determined by scanning resolution and the available image processing. Scan speed is measured in pages per minute, or ppm.

In addition, you should consider how much desk space it requires, maintenance requirements and potential costs, and warranty coverage. The device should also be easy to use.

Where Can I Buy a scanner?

Most office supply stores and printer specialty retailers sell scanners. DEC Office Solutions offers a variety of scanners, plus reliable servicing and maintenance contracts. They can also provide technical assistance and personalized consultation to help you select the right scanner for your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Archive?

Digital archiving provides many benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Digital documents are stored safely and can be accessed by multiple people, reducing the need for physical storage space. They are also easier to search, easier to keep organized, and more secure thanks to encryption and other protective measures.




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