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Frequently Asked Questions about Shredding: an Office Manager’s Guide

Shredders are an important piece of equipment for any office. Not only do they help keep important documents secure, but they can also increase efficiency. Unfortunately, many office managers lack the knowledge and background to make the best purchase decisions when it comes to purchasing a new shredder. To help bridge this knowledge gap, this article answers some of the most commonly asked questions about shredders.

What is the Purpose of a shredder?

A shredder is a machine that helps keep information secure by destroying hard copies of papers, cards, and other documents. The best shredders are designed to destroy documents quickly and effectively, ensuring that all confidential information is completely unreadable.

Types of shredders

shredders fall into two categories, micro-cut and cross-cut. Micro-cut shredders literally cut documents into very small pieces, making them nearly impossible to reconstruct. Cross-cut shredders cut documents into confetti-sized squares or strips. Cross-cut shredders are time-efficient but micro-cut shredders are the more secure option.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a shredder

When selecting a shredder, it’s important to consider the capacity, shredding speed, the level of security needed, noise level, and energy efficiency.

Shredder Capacity

shredders come with different capacities, ranging from small desktop models to heavy duty industrial models. When selecting a shredder, it’s important to consider the amount of documents that will typically need to be shredded. The wrong size can lead to time and money wasted.

Shredding Speed

shredders come with different speed settings. The faster the speed, the more efficient the operation. Faster speeds can also reduce the likelihood of a jam.

Security Level

Security levels vary based on the type of shredder being purchased. Cross-cut shredders offer less security than micro-cut shredders, but are cheaper and more efficient in terms of speed.

Noise Level

Noise level is an especially important consideration when selecting a shredder. Most office shredders produce around 58-65 dB of sound, which is equivalent to the sound of a normal conversation. Loud shredders can easily disrupt the office environment, so it’s important to select a model with a low noise level.

Energy Efficiency

It’s also important to pay attention to shredder energy efficiency. The best models are ENERGY STAR certified, which means they use less electricity and help reduce emissions.

These are just a few of the most important considerations to keep in mind when selecting a shredder for the office. By spending the time to research and compare products, office managers can make the best decision for their needs.


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