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Frequently Asked Questions about Toner

When it comes to maintaining a modern business, printers, copiers, and multifunction devices are key components. Along with the necessary hardware comes the responsibility of ensuring your equipment remains in the best shape possible through the regular purchase and replacement of supplies such as toner, ink jet cartridges, and other consumables. Many office managers in the Hackensack, New Jersey, area frequent DEC Office Solutions, Inc., to ask questions regarding the purchase and replacement of toner.

Below are the most commonly asked questions and answers that can help provide guidance.

What is toner?

Toner is a powder-like substance that is made up of styrene, polymers, waxes, and colorant particles. It is used in many types of printers and copiers, most notably laser and LED printer models. The toner is heated and melted by an image drum in the printer or copier, which causes it to adhere to the paper or other media and print it.

How long do toners last?

The answer to this question varies depending on a number of factors, including the type and model of the device, the setting or environment in which the device is used, and the volume and content of the documents that are printed or copied. Generally, most toners tend to last anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000 sheets before needing to be replaced.

How do I know when it’s time to replace my toner?

Your printer or copier will usually display a warning or error message when it’s time to replace the toner. Some devices may also have an indicator light that will illuminate when the toner is running low. In addition, if your prints seem faint or blurred, this can be an indication that the toner needs to be changed.

What should I do when I replace my toner?

When replacing the toner, it is important to follow the instructions given in the user’s manual of the printer or copier. Be sure to handle the toner cartridge with care to avoid damaging it. Once the cartridge is installed, it is essential that you close the imaging unit properly and reset the device so that it is back in working condition.

What is the best way to store toner?

Before storing the toner, it is important to ensure that it is completely dry. Toner should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. If the storage area has high humidity, it is recommended that a desiccant bag, such as silica gel, be used to keep the toner dry.

How do I know that I am getting genuine toner and not a generic one?

DEC Office Solutions, Inc. only sells genuine parts for all of its office equipment supplies. This ensures that the products are of the highest quality and will last longer. The packaging should also indicate that the toner is specifically designed for your model number.


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