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Getting the Best Shredders for Your Rockland County Business

Staying up-to-date and secure with your company’s document security is more important than ever in the Rockland County, NY area. DEC Office Solutions, Inc. provides fully compliant shredders to ensure you are in line with all regulations and have the best security measures for your business.

Starting with the selection and purchase process, DEC takes the time to explain the various offerings and features of the products, as well as the associated costs. If you’re looking for security efficiency and price, DEC has the knowledge and expertise to get the right shredder for your office needs.

The Select and Purchase Process of DEC shredders

When you buy a shredder from DEC, the sales team is experienced in choosing the right unit for your business. Your purchase process begins by reviewing your needs and industry regulations. The product selection will also include an evaluation of the various shredding technologies to ensure you select the right type of equipment for your office. The sales team is very adept in making sure your selection meets all applicable standards and regulations.

DEC understands the importance of document security and takes the time to match you with the model that will best fit your security needs and budget. The sales team will also discuss financial options, warranties, and post-sale support to ensure you have a full understanding of the purchase and the unit’s potential performance.

Benefit of DEC Certified Security shredders

If your business has specific security requirements for shredding, working with DEC is the ideal choice. DEC provides certified shredding equipment and tools that meet the established security protocols. This includes paper shredders that can process confidential documents, CDs, DVDs, and hard drives with high levels of security.

The benefit of buying from DEC is that all of their products have been certified and tested in accordance with the high-security standards. DEC’s shredders are designed to protect confidential data against accidental leakage or unauthorized access. By providing an array of certified document security tools, you can trust that you have the right technology to keep your most sensitive information safe.

Affordable Solutions for Businesses

Even with the high-security standard, great options can still be found at a low cost. DEC always keeps its pricing competitive and provides you with the best value for your purchase. Its product selection includes basic-level to high-capacity shredders that are perfect for businesses of any size. Investing in a shredder from DEC ultimately saves money by eliminating the need for out-sourced shredding services.

Reliable Service and Post-Sale Support

DEC is devoted to offering a superior post-sale support experience. Every purchase is supplemented with full-service support and training. If you need assistance, DEC has a team of technicians standing by to fix any issue. With on-site service and remote support, DEC’s team provides a consistently reliable experience to make sure your shredder is working optimally.


DEC Office Solutions, Inc. is the safest and most cost-effective choice for businesses finding quality shredders near Rockland County, NY. From selection to service, DEC provides unrivaled quality and reliability to make sure your document security needs are totally taken care of.


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