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How to Buy a Scanner Easily from DEC Office Solutions

When it comes to getting the right office equipment to stay efficient and productive in the workplace, nothing quite beats SCANNING in the business world. This is why DEC Office Solutions, Inc., one of the leading office equipment and document solutions companies servicing the New York City tri-state area, is the ideal choice when it comes to picking up the right scanner for your workplace needs.

Knowing that you’ll be approaching DEC Office Solutions when wanting to purchase a scanner, it is beneficial to know the basics when it comes to selecting the right kind of scanner for your needs. To keep things simple, DEC Office Solutions offers three main types of scanners and it may be helpful to be familiarised with each one:

1. Flatbed scanners

2. Sheet-fed scanners

3. Multi-function scanners

As for how you’d go about and buy a scanner from DEC Office Solutions, we’ll go through the process here and you’ll be all set by the end of this guide.

Step 1: Connect With DEC Office Solutions

In order for DEC Office Solutions to further assist you in finding the best solution for your office needs, the first step is to connect with them. You can easily do that by filling out an online contact form by heading over to their website or you can just give them a ring via their phone line: (718) 979-7000. Once you’ve connected with them, the company will immediately be able to redirect you to their knowledgeable sales consultants who’d be able to assist you further by presenting the options available and providing services to fully support your scanner purchase in the Bronx area.

Step 2: Specify What You Need

The next step is for you to specify what it is you’re looking for in a scanner. Depending on what type of document scanning your business or office would need, you could go with either a flatbed scanner, a sheet-fed scanner or a multi-function scanner.

The difference between the three can be summarised as such:

• A flatbed scanner would be best for scanning documents with a flat, even surface and it’s ideal for text documents and colour photos.

• A sheet-fed scanner is most suitable for documents that cannot be laid flat and is best for scanning more delicate documents such as a magazine or an old book.

• A multi-functional scanner’s primary benefit is that it can do multiple tasks with little effort. This type of device can print, scan, copy, and fax, making it the ideal choice when needing to get documents done quickly.

Step 3: Review the scanner’s Specs & Price-Points

After deciding on the type of scanner that you’re looking for, the next step is to review the specifications of the device and the pricing. As for specifications, scanners typically come with different features and they vary in terms of their scan speed, resolution, and memory capacity –all of which are incredibly important when taking a look at your business needs. As for the price-points, DEC Office Solutions offer scanners at a variety of prices, so make sure to check out their website in search for the perfect one that works for you.

Step 4: Go for DEC’s Premium scanner Service

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line experience when getting your scanner, you wouldn’t want to miss out on DEC Office Solutions’ Premium scanner Service.

This service includes free delivery, installation, training and support –all of which come standard with DEC’s fantastic customer service. To get started, simply contact them via the contact form on their website or through their phone line: (718) 979-7000.

Step 5: Receive Your scanner and Get to Work

Once you’ve placed an order, you’ll receive your scanner in no time. After unboxing it, you’ll be ready to get started on your new machine and put it to work. And should any technical difficulties arise, DEC Office Solutions’ premium service would guarantee to have your back just in case of any issues and should you need assistance troubleshooting it.


In summary, purchasing a scanner from DEC Office Solutions is an easy process. All you have to do is connect with them, specify what you’re looking for, review the specs and price-points, go for their premium scanner service (if you need one) and wait for the delivery.

Once your scanner arrives, you’ll be good to go and get started with a great experience.


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