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Print mgmt help business reduce costs, increase efficiency

Print management systems allow businesses to reduce the cost of possessing, maintaining, and operating their printer infrastructure. It also provides detailed tracking, usage reports and other valuable insights that can improve cost savings and operational efficiencies. With companies in Hackensack, New Jersey, searching for new ways to increase productivity while reducing costs, print management systems are an attractive option. So what exactly is print management, and what are some of the benefits it can provide?

Print management or managed print services (MPS) refers to the tracking and managing of both ink or toner usage and, more importantly, the physical hardware that support any kind of printing. It helps businesses gain visibility and control over the printing environment to achieve cost savings and other operational benefits. Traditional print management systems usually involve the use of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or software designed to track printer performance, usage, and costs. However, advances in modern print management solutions mean that businesses need not be burdened with additional software costs and lengthy deployment times.

DEC Office Solutions provides integrated MPS solutions that assist Hackensack businesses in optimizing their printing operations, enabling them to increase productivity while reducing their total cost of ownership. Our Managed Print Solution allows businesses to track their workspace print environment. This involves analyzing the existing printer fleet and departmental printing requirements in order to save up to 30% in printing costs. By gaining visibility into each user and department’s print environment, we can effectively optimize the number, type, and amount of ink used for each device. DEC Office Solutions also assists businesses in the procurement, installation, and maintenance of printers, scanners, and other multi-functional devices.

DEC Office Solutions additionally provides businesses with advanced features, such as tracking the history of printer usage, automating supplies ordering, and providing secure printing solutions. By utilizing DEC Office Solutions’ MPS software, businesses can now track and visualize printer usage without the need for manual processes. This not only saves time but also eliminating any miscommunication or human errors. Additionally, our MPS software also helps businesses save time and money by automating supplies ordering. This feature allows businesses to set refill thresholds for each printer and proactively order supplies when required.

DEC Office Solutions’ MPS solutions also provide customers with secure printing solutions. Businesses can now securely store and share sensitive documents as they are printed. This not only ensures that confidential data is stored securely, but also eliminates any use of unapproved printer or duplicates of documents. Additionally, our solutions also allow users to easily track user controlled jobs, granting only the specified user access to the documents printed.

Print management solutions offer Hackensack businesses a wealth of benefits, such as cost savings, improved operations, and better efficiency. By partnering with DEC Office Solutions, businesses can now gain visibility and control of their workspaces, automate ordering of supplies, and secure documents as they are printed. With DEC Office Solutions’ MPS solutions, businesses can improve their operations and save on ink, printer hardware, and other consumables.


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