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Shred documents securely, Staten Island

The convenience of the digital world comes with the price tag of data security. In today’s world, cybercriminal tactics are becoming increasingly sophisticated and damaging. Hackers gain access to confidential and sensitive information, making organizations the target of digital thefts. Companies must take actions to protect their confidential data and business operations. It’s not just big companies that need to self-protect. Private citizens and home businesses in Staten Island need to take extra measures to protect their information from cybercriminals and thieves.

One way to ensure that your confidential documents remain private is to physically destroy them. It’s said that no one can read what’s destroyed, and shredders are the best way to permanently damage information that is no longer needed. A paper shredder is a device that provides data security while allowing for easy document disposal. It breaks paper documents into small particles so that no one can figure out the content. This article will give you the basic knowledge and resources to stay ahead of the data security game.

The Benefits of Investing in a shredder

shredders offer many advantages to Staten Island companies and households, providing a cost-effective, fast, safe, and professional way of disposing of data-sensitive documents.

1. Document Disposal and Conflict Resolution:

Having a paper shredder allows you to properly dispose of sensitive documents, receipts, credit cards, tax forms, or any other documents. Proper document disposal keeps criminals and identity thieves from stealing names, addresses, bank accounts or credit card numbers. If confidential documents remain unshredded, you may be open to court cases, fines, and other legal issues.

2. Space-Saving:

shredders save you the need to store piles of documents. After long-term documentation management, you’ll have a significant amount of space that you can utilize for other purposes. Businesses and households can eliminate a lot of clutter with the help of a shredder.

3. Saves Money:

Hiring a professional paper shredding service every few months can accumulate expenses over time. Investing in a shredder will help you save money, as it will shred all the necessary documents and minimize your document removal costs.

4. Data Security:

shredders guarantee data security, breaking documents into tiny bits. These particles are practically unrecognizable, while the secure destruction of all confidential information remains guaranteed.

Shredder Types and their Different Features

Shredders are available in different sizes and types depending on the intended use. Paper shredders like the Fellowes Powershred 125Ci, can stand alone or be integrated into larger paper-handling systems with other products such as laminators and binding machines from DEC Office solutions.

1. Strip-Cut shredders:

The most common type, strip-cut shredders, break down the paper into long, thin strips that are similar to ribbons. It’s an economical alternative for small document disposal operations.

2. Cross-Cut shredders:

Cross-cut shredders cut the paper into small diamond-shape particles. It makes the documents extremely difficult to rebuild, read, or recognize. This type of shredder is ideal for customer service centers, banks, and other highly regulated industries.

3. Micro-Cut shredders:

Micro-cut shredders generate particles that are even smaller and less recognizable compared to cross-cut shredders, making them the perfect security tool. These are popular in very sensitive organizations, who need to completely erase and destroy all information present on the papers.

4. High-Security shredders:

High-security shredders offer the ultimate protection for your confidential documents. They include government, NSA approved, and DOD (Department of Defense) shredders that are designed to meet the highest level of security required by powerful government agencies.

DEC Office Solutions is Staten Island’s go-to destination for shredders and office equipment supplies. From standalone to in-line paper shredders, binding machines to laminators, you can find everything you need for optimal document security.

Increasingly, digital data is becoming more and more vulnerable, as the introduction of new technologies also opens new pathways for cybercriminals. At DEC Office Solutions, we can provide you with the right shredder to keep your Staten Island based business safe. We are the local tri-state area experts in document security and, in addition to our products, we also offer Document Management Solutions (DMS) and Managed Print Services (MPS) to improve the way your business operates.


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