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The Essential Guide to Finding the Right Toner for Your Office

When it comes to office equipment, toner is essential for ensuring your office functions smoothly. Whether you need toner for a printer, photocopier, or other office machines, it’s essential to find the right product for your needs. But with so many products on the market, finding the right toner can be a challenge. That’s why DEC Office Solutions, Inc., your local office equipment experts, has put together this complete guide for those looking to buy toner in the Queens area.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at why toner is so important, the different types available, some tips for buying and installing toner, and more. So you don’t have to worry about making the wrong purchase – and you can save time and money while keeping your office well-stocked.

What is Toner?

Toner is a powdered pigment that sticks to the paper when heated during the process of photocopying. It is made of primarily carbon and plastic. Unlike up until the mid-1980s, toner didn’t come in the form of dust, but rather toner cartridges, such as those found in laser and toner printers. Laser printers “cured” toner to the paper using a process called electrostatic attraction. Toner cartridges typically come in combinations of colors; e.g., black and white, black and three colors (cyan, magenta and yellow), and five colors (adding light cyan and light magenta). Color laser printers use either polarizing filters to produce a near-photo quality image, or LED exposure steering to reduce costs and energy use.

Why is Toner Important?

Toner is essential for most office machines, especially those used for printing, photocopying, or scanning. Without toner, you would have very limited or poor quality print-outs, photocopies or scans; and without a high-quality print, your brand would suffer. Additionally, without a high-quality print, you would be unable to use the same file in multiple machines or departments. And if you’re using a device for confidential meetings or sensitive data, a high-quality print is essential to keeping that information secure.

Types of Toner

The two main types of toner are oil-based and non-oil-based. Non-oil-based toner is the most commonly used today, and it is generally used in laser printers and copiers. This type of toner is heated and melted via the printer and then applied to the paper. Non-oil-based toner is more consistent in terms of color and shape and does not require a separate liquid to produce a good image.

Oil-based toner, on the other hand, is usually used in inkjet printers and photocopiers. This type of toner is made from a combination of oil and color pigment. The oil helps the toner adhere to the paper; it is also generally used for higher-quality printouts.

Tips for Buying and Installing Toner

When buying toner, it is important to get compatible cartridges that are designed for your specific device. Toner cartridges vary in size, shape, and color. It is also important to research the estimated life of the cartridges and volume of pages expected for each pack of toner. This way, you know what to expect as far as performance and longevity of the product you are purchasing.

It is also important to read the directions carefully when installing the toner cartridge for the first time. Many toner cartridges have a unique installation process which should be followed accordingly. And if you encounter any issue when installing the cartridge, it’s advisable to consult the user manual or contact the vendor for technical help.

Where to Buy Toner in the Queens Area

DEC Office Solutions, Inc. offers high-quality and compatible toner cartridges for a range of office equipment. We offer our toner cartridges at competitive prices and all orders come with free delivery. For more information on our available toner options, or to purchase toner online, simply visit our website or call our office.


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