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Tips on Buying a MFP Online from DEC Office Solutions

When it comes to purchasing office equipment, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal available. DEC Office Solutions, Inc., a family-owned and operated Office Equipment and Document Solutions company, is based in Haverstraw, New York, and services the tri-state area. They provide a wide range of products, including Copiers, Printers, scanners, Multi-functional devices and shredders, that can be purchased online. In addition, they offer managed Print Services (MPS) and document management solutions (DMS) to make businesses run more efficiently.

DEC Office Solutions provides pricing, measurement, and installation advice for customers when purchasing office equipment. This article will help office managers in the Haverstraw area identify their needs when buying an MFP online from DEC Office Solutions.

Identify Your Needs

The first step in deciding which MFP to buy online is to identify precisely what the office needs in terms of printing requirements. This should include a list of features and tasks that the MFP should perform and come up with a list of what type of Specs in terms of number of pages per minute, scanner capabilities, print speeds, and color capabilities, etc. The ideal MFP should also be compatible with the existing computer and software system.

Once the office has a clear idea of the type of MFP to purchase, they should look into DEC Office Solutions inventory to search for the printer that matches their needs. The website features a straightforward search option that allows customers to search for multiple criteria including model number, supplies, and accessories, etc.

Logging Into The Website

The next step in buying an MFP online from DEC Office Solutions is to create a User Account at the DEC Office Solutions website. This includes providing a valid e-mail address, contact information, and creating a username and password. Customers should make sure they keep a record of these details as they will be needed to access the website.

Once the account is created, customers should review the terms and conditions of the website. Customers should also make sure their personal and credit card information is protected by using a secure connection when they are purchasing the MFP online.

Choosing the MFP and Accessories

Once the office manager has created an account, they should browse the DEC Office Solutions website and narrow down the choices for the MFP and any accessories they may need. This gives the customer an opportunity to compare models and prices. This will ultimately help them find the model and accessories that best meet their needs and budget.

Once the selection is made, the office manager needs to provide the billing and shipping information. The customer should make sure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Making the Purchase

Once the customer has provided the billing and shipping information, they can then move on to making the payment. DEC Office Solutions accepts all major credit cards. Customers should read the terms and conditions associated with their purchase to ensure they understand the payment and return policies of the website.

Once the payment is made, the customer should review the details of the order to make sure it is correct. After the order is confirmed, the MFP will be shipped directly to the customer’s workplace.

Installation and Setup

Once the customer receives their MFP, they should follow the installation instructions carefully. Customers should also contact DEC Office Solutions for any questions they may have about the setup and operation of the device. DEC Office Solutions also offers installation and setup assistance, as well as a full range of services if needed.


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