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Understand shredding needs, get right shredder for office

As the office manager of a modern business, you understand that document security is a priority. Whether it’s disposing of employee paperwork, discarding records no longer needed, or securely disposing of sensitive financial documents, instituting office document protocols and document destruction is a necessity. And selecting the right paper shredder for your business is a critical step in keeping your office secure.

Having a secure and effective method of disposing of sensitive and confidential documents is a basic requirement in a competent business. And shredding those documents is one of the most secure and efficient ways of doing so. Not only is it an easy way to protect the identity and confidential information of clients and employees, but to also ensure that your company meets relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

A shredder might seem like a no-brainer for any business, but before you rush out to buy the first shredder you come across, it’s important to consider the factors that will help your business achieve the document destruction goals. This doesn’t just include the type of shredder, but also its size, reliability, and level of security it provides.

What Type of shredder Should You Get for Your Office?

The most important decision you’ll have to make when selecting a shredder is to decide which type of shredder is best for your office and document-security needs. Fortunately, contemporary shredders come in all shapes, sizes, speeds, cuts, and level of security.

The most common type of shredder is the strip cut shredder, which is also identified as the “traditional shredder”. It typically features two-roller blades that cut the paper into thin strips. It relies on two intermeshed toothed shredding knives or opposed cutting discs.

The cross-cut is another popular type of shredder. As its name implies, it relies on a pair of blades that cut the paper in both directions, forming thin strips and small particulates. It is usually considered more secure than a strip cut and is a common tool used for shredding confidential documents.

Finally, there’s the micro-cut, which is designed to turn paper into even smaller particles than the cross-cut, providing the highest security possible.

Selecting the Right Sized Office shredder

Another important factor to consider is the size of th shredder. If you select a shredder that’s too small, it won’t be able to keep up with the amount of paper you’re trying to destroy. On the flip side, if you select a shredder that’s too large for your office, it’s going to take up valuable space and may require more maintenance than what you need.

When selecting the size of the shredder, you should first consider the size of your office, as well as the frequency that you’ll be using the shredder. Also consider the largest paper size that you’ll be shredding, the number of pages the shredder will cut in one pass, and the size of the waste bin.

Ongoing Maintenance

Even with the best of intentions, people can make mistakes when using a shredder, especially if it’s being used by multiple people in the office. This can cause jams, which can quickly drive up operational costs .

For this reason, it’s important to select a shredder that is not only reliable and efficient, but one that can be operated and maintained easily. Look for a paper shredder that comes with simple, standard features, like an auto-reverse feature to clear jams, a thermal protector to protect against overheating, and an indication that the bin is full.

The Final Consideration

When selecting a shredder for your office, it’s important to shop around and compare models. Do some research online and read as many reviews as possible, so that you can select a paper shredder that is reliable, efficient, and secure.

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