Companies know the importance of access to information. Document management systems, such as DocuWare®, offer users many key benefits, including document archiving and retrieval, collaboration, and automated workflows; however, the information stored in a document management system is most useful when it is easily accessible. That is why it is so important for organizations to control the way information is stored from the onset. The solutions that deliver the best ROI are ones that provide this information access and control efficiently without infringing on employee productivity.


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DocuWare Connector

    • DocuWare Cloud platform support allows organizations utilizing the DocuWare Cloud to realize the same KYOCERA HyPAS MFP integration benefits as those customers with the on premise version of DocuWare
    • Intelligent file size recognition moves processing to the background for files over 30 MB to enable additional workflows immediately after scanning large jobs
    • Priority display of DocuWare Store Dialogs displays frequently used Dialogs at the top of the list minimizing search time spent by the end user
    • Index field descriptions provides added detail on the type of information required for processing documents which minimizes filing errors
    • Card authentication enables users to log in using proximity cards eliminating the need for manual entry of DocuWare log in credentials
    • Single Sign-On (SSO) enables users to log into a secured KYOCERA HyPAS MFP and KYOCERA’s DocuWare Connector with one swipe of their registered proximity card
    • Native PDF printing gives users the ability to print PDFs without installing print drivers on the DocuWare Server
    • USB Keyboard support for much faster text entry and indexing