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ScannerVision is the perfect complement to Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM) for document capture, but it also works with other Document Management platforms such as MS SharePoint, MS OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


This offers you options if you are new to Electronic Content Management (ECM) or if you have an existing ECM solution. When connected with KCIM, you can easily tap into the power of ScannerVision with the click of a button.  ScannerVision will save you time and money by eliminating redundant operations and tasks while freeing up resources to grow your business.

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ScannerVision automates workflows by securely capturing, processing, and sending scanned documents and data directly to the intended location.

Reading QR codes and barcodes.

Recognizing text with Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Converting scanned images into electronic formats (PDF and Microsoft formats).

Forms recognition and zonal data extraction.

Fully Intergratable with Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM)

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