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Buy DMS from DEC Office Solutions a guide

Are you in search of the best supplier for document management solutions in Rockland County, NY? Look no further than DEC Office Solutions. For over 30 years, DEC has been providing office equipment, document management solutions (DMS), and managed print services (MPS) to businesses and public entities in the tri-state area. From copiers, scanners, and printers to shredders, supplies, and service, DEC has everything you need to get your business running at peak efficiency.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn:

What document management solutions are and the benefits they have for businesses.

The different solutions offered by DEC Office Solutions.

The steps to buying your document management solutions from DEC Office Solutions.

What Are Document Management Solutions?

Document management solutions are a combination of software, hardware, and services that help businesses to efficiently manage the creation, storage, retrieval, archiving, and sharing of documents and other digital assets. These solutions can automate the entire document management process and provide organizations with increased security and control over their documents. Additionally, they enable companies to reduce the cost of staff time spent on managing and organizing their documents.

When properly implemented, document management solutions provide organizations with improved document security, faster response times to document-related inquiries, and better organization of their documents. As a result, organizations become better able to maintain compliance with industry regulations while increasing productivity and improving the overall customer experience.

The DEC Office Solutions Approach to Document Management Solutions

At DEC Office Solutions, Document Management Solutions are tailored specifically to the unique needs of each organization. We assess each customer’s landscape to determine the most effective solutions for their specific environment. From there, our team of skilled professionals will deploy the appropriate system and provide training and support to ensure that it is running at optimum efficiency.

DEC Office Solutions offers a full range of document management solutions, including storage, scanning, cloud, automated document indexing, and workflow automation. We also offer Managed Print Services (MPS), which can be used to reduce printer costs while improving the organization’s document workflow and security. Additionally, our integrated document management systems allow companies to track and monitor document access in order to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

How to Buy Document Management Solutions from DEC Office Solutions.

To purchase document management solutions from DEC Office Solutions, follow these simple steps:

Contact DEC to arrange an initial consultation. At the consultation, a DEC representative will assess your document management needs and provide you with a quote for the solution that best meets your requirements.

Once you receive the quote, accept it and provide DEC with any necessary paperwork to begin the installation process.

DEC will install the document management system and provide you with training and support.

Once the system is properly configured, you can begin using it to manage and organize your documents.

The core message

Document management solutions are a powerful tool that can help businesses to streamline their operations, increase document security, and improve customer experience. At DEC Office Solutions, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best document management solutions tailored to their specific needs. With our experienced team and wide selection of solutions, you are sure to find the document management solution that is right for your business.


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