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Buying Document Management Solutions from DEC Office Solutions

For businesses in the Queens area looking for document management solutions to streamline their operations and efficiency, DEC Office Solutions can provide the perfect combination of equipment, supplies, and managed services. An experienced family-operated company located in the NYC tri-state area, DEC offers everything from copiers and printers to sophisticated scanner, multifunctional devices, and shredders. In addition, DEC also provides excellent document management and print managed services to make document workflow smoother and easier to manage.

All businesses have different needs when it comes to their document management solutions; however, at DEC Office Solutions, you can find the perfect combination whether you want to rent or buy. DEC offers a variety of devices for short-term rental and leases, ensuring that the device works an optimal level for the duration of the project. Alternatively, the buying an office device provides businesses with more flexibility and control over their document processing. Boards, companies, and other institutions may find that device leases are a better option for the long-term.

The key to buying document management solutions from DEC Office Solutions is to make sure you understand what your needs are. Every business has different requirements and understanding those requirements will determine what type of document management solution the business should get. The three main categories to consider are equipment, software, and services.

Equipment: When it comes to equipment, the type of device needed will depend on the types of documents you are going to be processing. For instance, if you are dealing primarily with paper documents, then a copier/scanner/printer combo is likely to be the best choice. However, if you regularly handle both paper and digital documents, then a multi-functional device may be a better choice. In addition to that, you may want to consider whether you want to buy or rent your device.

Software: Software is the foundation of any document management system and can range from simple document scanning and management tools on the low end to sophisticated workflow management software on the high end. You should choose software that fits your business’s objectives and has the features you need to be successful.

Services: Companies such as DEC that offer document management solutions also offer managed services. These services provide the expertise needed to properly install and configure devices, as well as troubleshoot and maintain them on a regular basis. With managed services, you can rest assured that your document management system is up and running with minimal interruption.

Ultimately, when buying document management solutions from DEC Office Solutions, businesses should consider their needs and objectives and then consult with the knowledgeable professionals at DEC to determine the best documentation processing solution for their business. DEC has been helping the businesses of the Queens area and the NYC tri-state area find the perfect document management solutions for their needs for many years and has the expertise to help you find the right solution for yours.


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