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Commonly Asked Questions about Shredders

shredders are one of the most important office equipment tools that help businesses protect confidential documents and customer data. Whether it’s for data security, protecting against identity theft, or just for general waste management, having a reliable and efficient shredder is vital for any business in the Bergen County area. But with such an array of different models and shredding capabilities out there, it’s normal to have questions about which shredder would best fit your office, and how they operate. Here at DEC Office Solutions Inc., we provide a wide selection of shredders for purchase or rent, and our trusted customer service team is here to answer any questions you may have about the different models.

Questions & Answers about shredders in the Bergen County Area

Q: What type of shredder is best for my office?

A: The type of shredder you choose for your office will depend on the size of office, the documents you’ll be shredding, and the type of security features you want. shredder cut type and size can also vary depending on your preference and need. We advise consulting with our experienced team who can evaluate the needs of your business and help you select a perfect shredder for your office.

Q: Is renting a shredder an option for my business?

A: Yes. With rental plans, you don’t need to commit to owning a shredder, and can rent it on a short-term or long-term basis. DEC Office Solutions Inc. provides you with the flexibility to upgrade to a different machine if needed or add another machine if you require multiple shredders for your office.

Q: How do I maintain a shredder?

A: shredders require regular maintenance to operate properly and safely. Maintenance tasks typically include oiling the cutting heads, clearing the chamber of any debris, and dusting the machine using a lint-free cloth. We strongly recommend professionally servicing and maintaining your shredder to keep it optimized and safe.

Q: What type of paper can be shredded?

A: Generally, most paper shredders can shred standard 8×11 inch paper, as well as other materials such as credit cards, staples, and paper clips. However, some shredders are made to handle specialty jobs such as shredding ID cards, CDs/DVDs, and other non-paper items. We recommend talking to one of our specialists about which shredder is most suitable for your office’s specific needs.

Q: What are the benefits of an automatic shredder?

A: An automatic shredder is designed for fast, reliable document destruction at the touch of a button. They are typically quieter than manual shredders due to less motor strain. They also can be used more safely since the document is placed in the shredder’s feeder tray, rather than the user handling the paper with their hands.

Q: What are the safety measures on each type of shredder?

A: Depending on the specific model, many shredders come equipped with safety features such as front sensors which prevent accidental paper jams and blades from overheating due to overuse. In addition, many models feature a self-shutoff timer to prevent shredder use from going beyond the safe limitation of its motor.

At DEC Office Solutions Inc., we understand the importance of having safe and reliable office equipment, which is why we are here to help you find the perfect shredder for your business that meets all of your needs. With our wide selection of shredders for purchase or rent, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect fit for your office.


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