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Everything You Need to Know about Shredders

Introducing the document shredder, one of the most important tools for securely disposing of confidential papers, instruction manuals, and other materials in business. Its portability, secure port, and advanced technology make it a must for any commercial office or workspace. DES Office Solutions has decades of expertise in supplying and servicing a wide variety of shredders, so in this article, we’ll answer key questions and look at how shredders are beneficial for business in the Bronx area.

Whether it’s to protect a company’s secrets or to comply with government regulations, shredding is essential for maintaining secure records and documents. A shredder is often the perfect choice for a variety of tasks. But since there are so many shredder types and features, it’s important to understand which option is best suited for any particular application.

What Types of shredders Are There?

The most common type of shredder is a basic strip-cut shredder, which slices the paper into strips. These models are relatively inexpensive, making them a popular choice, but they’re also considered to be the least secure.

If security is more critical, a higher-end cross-cut shredder that cuts the paper into small particles should be considered. Higher-end models can shred paper, credit cards, CDs and DVDs, and even staples and paperclips.

High-capacity shredders are great for larger businesses or for those who need to shred a high volume of paper quickly. Many have automated features that allow them to run hands-free for long periods of time. For medium to large-sized organizations, heavy-duty, industrial shredders are also available.

What Are the Benefits of shredders?

The primary benefit of a shredder is being able to securely dispose of confidential documents. This not only helps protect sensitive information but can also reduce the threat of identity theft, reputational damage, and costly data breaches.

shredders can also be helpful for managing large amounts of paper quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re disposing of outdated documents or creating personalized cards, gifts, or artwork, a shredder can be beneficial for a variety of tasks.

What to Know Before You Buy a shredder

When shopping for a shredder, you should first consider how it will be used. Consider the size of the documents to be shredded, the frequency of use, and the level of security required.

Next, look for models that offer the features you need. Many newer models come with automated features and various control options. Many shredders also come with advanced eco-friendly components, like acoustic sensors that let them “sleep” when not in use, further reducing power consumption.

Things to Know About shredder Maintenance & Upkeep

shredders should be taken care of according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Regularly clearing the bin of shredded pieces is important, and if necessary, replacing the waste bin according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Additionally, shredders should be kept clean and free of dust, debris, and paper particles. Depending on the type of shredder, it may need to be oiled regularly with a vegetable-based oil according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Where to Buy shredders in the Bronx

When it comes to buying shredders in the Bronx, there’s really only one choice: DEC Office Solutions. We have decades of expertise in supplying and servicing a wide variety of shredders, from basic strip-cut to high-end cross-cut models. Our team of certified technicians can help you find the right shredder to fit your needs and budget and ensure it runs smoothly.

shredders are essential pieces of office equipment and, with the help of DEC Office Solutions, you can be sure to get the right model for your needs and budget.


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