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FAQ answers: Benefits & challenges of print mgmt in today’s biz env incl DEC Office Solut

Print management is the practice of overseeing and managing an organization’s printing-related tasks, such as ordering supplies, managing printer security, and managing the overall cost of printing. The goal of a print management system is to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and help businesses stay in compliance with applicable printing regulations and standards.

What are the benefits of print management?

Print management is about gaining an understanding of an organization’s printing processes. When done effectively, print management can result in significant benefits like cost savings, improved efficiency, and improved security. Ultimately, an effective print management system can help an organization save time, money, and resources while helping them remain in compliance with applicable printing regulations and standards.

What are the challenges of print management?

Although print management offers numerous benefits, there are a few challenges that businesses may face when implementing a print management system. For example, printers can be expensive to purchase and maintain, and as businesses grow, the need for additional printing capabilities increases. Additionally, businesses must ensure all of their printing processes and policies are in compliance with applicable standards and regulations. Lastly, businesses must accurately measure and account for the cost of their printing processes.

What tools are useful for print management?

A wide variety of tools and technologies can be used to manage print operations. For example, Managed Print Services (MPS) can be used to optimize the cost of printing and make it easier to manage printers, while Document Management Solutions (DMS) can streamline document creation, revision, storage, and retrieval. Furthermore, print tracking and auditing tools can help businesses accurately monitor their printing processes.

Is print management worth it for my business?

The benefits of print management depend on the size and scope of an organization’s printing operations. Generally speaking, print management is especially beneficial for larger organizations who have a high volume of printing, and for organizations who must abide by specific printing standards and regulations. Smaller organizations with fewer printing needs may not need the same level of printing oversight and management as larger organizations.

Therefore, it is important for businesses to carefully consider the specific needs of their organization and the potential benefits of print management before making any decisions.


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