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FAQs about Copiers for Orange County Businesses

Copiers have become an essential part of office operations for Orange County businesses. From making physical copies to scanning, faxing, and more, the devices offer a bevy of services designed to make office operations run smoothly and efficiently. However, as with any major purchase, there are a few questions that should be asked before committing to a purchase. Here, we answer some of the frequently asked questions from Orange County business owners about copiers.

How Much Does a Copier Cost?

The cost of a copier will vary depending on a number of factors. This includes the features it includes, its speed, and the brand of the copier. Generally speaking, a small office copier could cost anywhere from $600 to $2,000, with an average cost of around $1,500. On the other hand, a large business copier could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000. The size and purpose of the office will determine which copier is best for the business.

Where Can I Buy Copiers?

Copiers can be purchased from a number of sources, such as office supply stores, online retailers, and third-party resellers. DEC Office Solutions, Inc. is a family-owned and operated office equipment and document solutions company, and we service the entire New York City tri-state area, selling a wide variety of copiers. We offer a variety of options at competitive prices, from basic desktop models to more advanced multi-functional devices that can handle a larger workload and include more features. We can also provide maintenance and repair services and supply copier parts.

Which Features Should I Look for in a Copier?

The features that you should look for in a copier should depend on the size of your business and the needs of your office. Some features that you may want to consider include speed, copy and scan capacity, printing quality, touch-screen capabilities, connectivity, and energy efficiency. Faster copying and scanning speeds are ideal for larger businesses, whereas a simple model with good print quality might be all a small business needs.

How Can I Make the Most of my Copier?

You can get the most out of your copier by utilizing its features. Multi-functional copiers, for example, can generally scan, print, fax, and copy in color, which are all useful features for a busy office. Additionally, be sure to keep your copier maintained. Regular wear and tear can have a major impact on the efficiency of your device, so be sure to keep it clean and free of dust.

Do I Need a Special Copier for my Business?

This depends largely on the size of your business and your office needs. Small businesses may be able to get by with a basic desktop model, as long as it offers good print quality and is cost-effective. For larger businesses, however, more expensive copiers with higher-end features may be necessary.



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