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FAQs for Regional Office Mgrs, Shredders

As an office manager creating an efficient and secure workplace should be your top priority. Security and shredding paper documents is an important step in the process. In a heightened era of cybercrime, it’s smart to research options for protecting confidential documents and hard drives. DEC Office Solutions, Inc. provides a variety of reliable, modern shredders to reconcile with your business’s specific needs. In this article, you’ll get answers to your frequently asked questions about how to choose the best shredder for your Orange County based office.

What Are the Different Types of shredders?

shredders come in a range of different sizes, types, and styles. Deciding the best model for your regional office can seem like a daunting task with the range of options available. In basic terms, these are the four main types of shredders available: Strip cut, Cross-cut, Micro-cut, and Hard Drive shredders.

Strip cut shredders cut documents into long, thin strips of paper. This type essentially “slashes” paper documents into strips. It is a fast and easy way to get rid of paperwork that is not classified as confidential. Cross cut shredders, use a combination of cutting blades to cut paper into small confetti-like pieces that are much harder to reassemble than strips. Micro-cut shredders are designed to produce the tiniest pieces possible; these are ideal for those with extreme security needs. Turning paper into confetti sized particles makes it impossible to read the contents of the document. Lastly, hard drive shredders use solid state destruction technology that ensures you are completely destroying any confidential digital documents as well.

What Are The Different Features Of These shredders?

Many shredders come with helpful features such as auto start/stop features, reverse modes, cut-off sensors, and timely alert indicators. Auto start/stop works when the user depresses the paper insertion panel to begin shredding and releases the panel automatically turning off the shredder. Reverse mode is used when the user has overloaded the shredder and needs to free the paper by reversing the motor; this feature is especially helpful if the user jams too much paper into the shredder. Cut-off sensors stop the shredder when the bin is full; this is a great security feature as it prevents the data from being shredded if your bin is full and the user keeps running the shredder. Timed alert indicators will alert the user when the shredder needs to be serviced, a helpful feature for those continuously using the shredder in a busy office setting.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A shredder?

It can be costly, both financially and in terms of time, to store and protect paper documents. That’s why a shredder is essential for any office. Your shredder can help you reduce storage costs and optimize document security by providing additional measures to protect against identity theft and fraud. shredders also provide another level of security when it comes to disposing of documents, as they ensure that none of the information can be traced or reused.

In addition to more efficiently and securely getting rid of paper materials, a shredder will help reduce the need to physically go out and dispose of paperwork. Not only does that make the disposal process easier but it also cuts down on the risk of someone accessing the documents before they’re destroyed.

Do shredders Come with Maintenance Plans?

Yes, all DEC Office Solutions, Inc.’s shredder products come with a maintenance plan included. A maintenance plan is a cost-effective way to manage the service, maintenance, and repair needs of your shredder. With all of our carefully designed maintenance plans, we guarantee that all our shredders are in excellent condition and working order. All repair and maintenance costs are included in the plan, and we also offer additional security features such as shredder tune-ups and lubricants.


Having a reliable shredder for your office is a great way to help protect confidential documents and keep your staff’s data secure. DEC Office Solutions, Inc. provides a variety of shredders with modern, useful features to cater to the specific needs of your regional office. In addition, they all come with warranties and maintenance plans to protect your investment and reduce any downtime.


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