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Frequently Asked Questions about Copiers for Offices in the Bronx

Whether your office is just getting started and you’re looking for durable and reliable office equipment or if you’re looking to upgrade and outfit your workspace with the latest technology, getting the best copier for your business can be tricky. People often have a lot of questions about features, costs and maintenance when it comes to copier selection. DEC Office Solutions, Inc. supplies and services the Tri-State area so we’knows the questions about copiers that you might have.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Copier?

Copiers are invaluable tools for business, providing the ability to make precise copies quickly, inexpensively and conveniently. While this technology has been around for a long time, there have been many improvements in recent years. Today’s every-advancing technology means that copiers can do much more than make copies. From networking and Wi-Fi capabilities to advanced security options, scanning and faxing features and more, copiers and their varieties have become some of the most versatile office technologies on the market.

What Are the Different Types of Copiers?

Copiers come in various sizes, and many of them are capable of doing much more than make copies. Black and white copiers are useful for printing documents and making tons of copies in plain, black ink. Color copiers are fantastic for printing documents and graphics with color ink, but for offices needing to print large amounts of color copies, colour laser copiers are a great option. Multi-functional copiers can scan, fax, print and copy and are becoming increasingly popular for small and larger businesses. Different levels of technology are available, making these devices efficient and fast.

How Do I Know Which Copier Is the Best Fit For My Business?

Deciding on the best copier for your office depends on the needs of your business. If you’re a busy office that requires a lot of printing and copying, you may consider investing in a larger, higher-technology copier. If you mainly scan and copy documents, smaller copiers may save you money without sacrificing quality.

Simplify the process by first determining the needs of your business and any probable demands of the future. Consider the types and sizes of documents you generally need to copy and the volume of copies you require. Once you’ve come up with an idea of which copier is right for your business’s needs, consult with a copier salesperson to discuss what the best machine for the job would be.

Are There Different Copier Brands?

There are various copier companies available, with top-quality name brands like HP, Brother, Canon, Lexmark, and Ricoh. Many different brands offer different models and sizes of copiers, and the features can vary drastically between them. Once you’ve determined what type of machine is best for you, you can shop around and compare prices. We recommend purchasing a copier with a good basic warranty, as larger machines require more maintenance.

Does DEC Office Solutions, Inc. Provide Copiers and Copier Support?

DEC Office Solutions, Inc. services the entire New York City Tri-state area for office equipment needs, offering a complete line of copiers, printers, scanners, multi-functional devices, and shredders. We also provide office equipment supplies and maintenance. We specialize in offering customized solutions for your day to day operations. Our products and solutions are designed to improve efficiency and help make your job easier.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to acquire a copier, maintain one, or package together solutions and supplies, DEC Office Solutions, Inc. has you covered. We offer the best solutions for copier and office equipment needs, and our experienced staff can help put you at ease in navigating the process with service and support.


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