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How to Buy an MFP Online from DEC Office Solutions in Yonkers

Making an MFP (Multi-Function Printer) purchase online from DEC Office Solutions in Yonkers, NY, has never been easier. Whether you’re in the market for a copier, printer, scanner, or shredder, DEC has you and your office needs covered. DEC Office Solutions, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company serving the greater New York area with superior office equipment, supplies, and services. In addition to office equipment, DEC also provides Document Management Solutions (DMS) and Managed Print Services (MFP) to optimize and streamline the operations of businesses in the Yonkers area.

In this article, we’ll discuss what an MFP is, the benefits of purchasing an MFP from DEC Office Solutions, and the steps you need to take in order to make your online MFP purchase from DEC. We’ll also touch on the customer service options available to you in case you need assistance during any step of the process.

What is an MFP?

An MFP (multi-function printer) is a machine that combines the functions of a printer, scanner, copier, and/or fax machine in one unit. While standalone printers, scanners, and copiers have existed for a while, MFPs offer the convenience of having everything you need in one machine, saving you time, money, and space in your office. What’s more, MFPs offer advanced features such as secure printing, color touchscreen interfaces, wireless connectivity, and support for mobile devices, making them ideal for today’s modern office.

Benefits of Purchasing an MFP from DEC

DEC Office Solutions offers a wide range of MFPs from top brands like Toshiba, HP, Canon, and Xerox. With DEC, you can expect superior products and customer service from start to finish. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing DEC Office Solutions:

· Easy online ordering thanks to the DEC web store.

· Expert technical service from certified professionals.

· Flexible financing options with competitive leasing and financing options.

· Customized MFP solutions to meet your specific office needs.

· Dedicated customer support ready to assist you.

With DEC Office Solutions, you can expect a smooth and seamless experience from beginning to end.

Steps for Buying Your MFP from DEC Office Solutions

Buying a MFP from DEC Office Solutions is easy. Here are the steps you need to take to get your new MFP:

· Choose Your MFP—Browse our selection of MFPs and choose the one that’s best suited for your office needs.

· Choose Your Accessories—Add optional accessories to enhance your MFP’s performance, such as additional paper trays and wireless networking.

· Customize Your Order—Customize your order to ensure you get the exact features you need.

· Add to Cart—Review your order and add it to your cart.

· Checkout—Check out securely using your preferred payment method.

· Receive Your MFP—Your MFP will be shipped directly to you.

Once you’ve received your MFP, DEC’s team of certified professionals will be standing by to provide technical assistance and support as needed.

The main takeaway

Buying an MFP online from DEC Office Solutions in Yonkers is easy and straightforward. You can expect high-quality products and services and dedicated customer service both before and after your purchase. With DEC, you can trust that you’ll be getting the exact MFP that you need for your office needs.


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