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Know what to look for business shredder

Are you looking for a way to make sure your business documents are securely disposed of? Look no further, because finding the right shredder is the best way to get the job done. A quality shredder might easily become one of your office’s top investments.

Shredders are multipurpose devices that can assist with everyday document destruction needs. shredders range from basic consumer models to robust commercial versions. Many are designed for a higher level of security for commercial use, such as those used in finance, banking, and other industries where sensitive documents must be destroyed with extreme security measures.

Here are some key features to consider when looking for the best shredder for your business:

Size of the shredder’s Bin and Cut Type: The size of the bin generally determines the size of the shred you will end up with. That affects overall capacity and how often you need to empty it. With the cut type, choice of strip or cross cut is important. Cross cut shredders provide higher levels of security and more protection than strip cut.

Security Level: Paying attention to the security level of a shredder is essential. The level of security helps determine the size and type of the cutting head. 13 or higher is typical for business or government specifications.

Speed Capability: The speed of a shredder is a major factor in considering a specific model of shredder for your needs. shredders can range from models that handle up to 10-20 sheets at a time to those that can shred 50-70 or more pages at a single pass.

Noise: Those in a quiet space might be more sensitive to noisy machines. Whether in an office, or a church or school, you should factor in your location when deciding which shredder fits best.

Designed Usage: Pay attention to the type of material the shredder is designed to handle, such as staples and paper clips. Most shredders are designed to handle paper, but they should have a separate shredding track built to easily destroy CDs and DVDs.

Purchasing a good quality shredder can be a great way to keep unwanted documents out of the hands of malicious third parties. A good shredder should provide your business with an every day solution to securely dispose of your business documents. If you are looking for a convenient and reliable way to protect your business then try DEC Office Solutions for all your shredder needs in the Garfield New Jersey area.


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