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Running a business in the New York City tri-state area comes with its specific challenges and requirements. To remain competitive, businesses must ensure they keep up with the latest technology, including document management systems (DMS). Companies in the area can take advantage of our DEC Office Solutions’ Document Management Solutions and Managed Print Services to take their organization out of the past and into the future.

In this article, you’ll learn what Document Management Solutions and Managed Print Solutions are, how you can benefit from utilizing DEC’s services, as well as tips for deciding which product and services are best for your organization.

What Are Document and Print Management Systems?

At its simplest, document management is the use of technology to maintain records centrally in an organized, secure, and streamlined way. It can be used to capture, store, access, route, track, and archive documents. Document management systems are used to automate and manage a variety of operational processes such as scanning, workflow routing, emailing, printing, archiving, and security.

Meanwhile, Managed Print Services (MPS) are centered around the management of printing and copying devices and consumables, while ensuring that businesses’ print and scanning needs are met — all while cutting costs.

Benefits of Document Management and Managed Print Services

At DEC Office Solutions, our products and services help ensure businesses in the NYC tri-state area have access to the latest technology while gaining the following key benefits:

• Improved Security – By implementing a DMS or MPS, businesses have control over who accesses what records and data, ensuring documents don’t become compromised.

• Cost Savings – Utilizing DEC’s DMS and MPS helps NYC tristate businesses save on supplies costs and minimize unnecessary printing.

• Streamlined Processes – Our services and products help streamline processes, ensuring the most efficient solutions are in place for document management, printing, and scanning solutions.

• Enhanced Collaboration – Our DMS and MPS are designed to help streamline document-based workflow processes, making collaboration between people and departments much simpler.

• Easier Access – With a document management system in place, users have the ability to access and retrieve documents from any location.

Tips for Choosing the Best Product for Your Business

To ensure your organization can take full advantage of DEC’s DMS and MPS, consider the following:

• Determine Your Needs – It’s important that you identify your specific document management needs and requirements, and how you’ll use the tech/service in the near and far future.

• Compare Your Options – Once you know what you need, compare different DMS and MPS options to determine which one fits best into your budget and organizational needs.

• Think About Cloud-Based Solutions – When implementing DEC solutions, it’s also important to consider cloud-based options. These can give businesses the ability to store, manage, and access documents from any location.

• Consult with Professional Services – When investing time and money in a DMS or MPS, it’s wise to work with a professional to ensure that you’re making the right purchase.

When it comes to staying competitive and keeping up with the NYC tri-state area’s ever-changing technology, it’s important for businesses to have the right solutions in place. As a family-owned and operated business, DEC Office Solutions has the expertise and resources you need to navigate the process easily. Contact us today to learn more about our services and products.


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