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When managing any business, storage and security of data are essential, and a scanner can play a key role in both processes. A scanner allows documents to be converted to digital documents that can be more easily stored and locked away in secure locations. In addition, advanced scanner models have the ability to recognize words written on documents. This article is designed to help any office manager in the Bergen County area understand the basics and features of scanners.

A scanner is an electronic device that captures still images from documents, such as photos, drawings, and pages from a book or magazine, and transforms them into digital images. Modern scanners are capable of creating images that are almost like photographs, and can be further edited using various types of software. Additionally, most scanners now come with software packages for archiving and editing documents, so you can automatically back up important files.

The main types of scanners include flatbed scanners, sheet-fed scanners, and document scanners. Flatbed scanners are the most common scanner type, found in homes and businesses. They use a scanning mechanism with a fixed light source underneath a glass plate, and may come with a copy and scan type of machine for office needs. Sheets-fed scanners are best used for batch scanning as they are compatible with multiple sheet sizes. Document scanners are specifically designed for offices that handle large quantity paperwork; they come in various document sizes and are capable of scanning in bulk.

When choosing a scanner for your business, there are several factors to consider. If you are a retail business, banking sector, or any other business that requires you to scan large documents, the document scanner is the best choice. Keep in mind your specific document volume and size when selecting the scanner. Your budget will also play a role in the type of scanner you choose. Higher-end scanners feature additional features such as auto-focus and auto-deskew technology. Additionally, you may want to choose a scanner that is compatible with your current network in case you need to quickly share documents or images with other employees or customers.

In order to keep time and money costs down, you may want to consider outsourcing scanning services. Many of the scanner models available can be automated, which can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to scan a large volume of documents. Additionally, some outsourced scanning services offer additional features such as text recognition and editing of documents.

Now that you have a better understanding of what types of scanners are available and what to look for when selecting one, you are ready to find the best scanner for your particular needs. DEC Office Solutions offers multiple types of scanners that can meet all of your business needs. We also offer maintenance and repair services, so you can be sure that you are always operating with the most efficient and reliable scanning equipment.


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