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Shred up security essential document mgmtsolution

The business significance of document security is an issue that any Yonkers office manager should consider seriously. At DEC Office Solutions, Inc., a dedicated provider of office equipment supplies, the answer is simple: invest in shreeding technology. As an essential component of an effective document management system, a shredder can help protect your Yonkers business from a range of potential data breach scenarios.

The ability to securely discard confidential documents is not an option for any business in the information age. From memos detailing company-sensitive information to financial and personal data from customer transactions, most businesses have data that must be securely destroyed. To ensure the safety and privacy of this information, a shredder is indispensable.

Shredding offers Yonkers-area businesses many benefits and features. It is essential for any office document management system and can serve to impeach important policies and procedures. By reducing paper piles and eliminating clutter, as well as making document disposal more secure, shredders from DEC Office Solutions, Inc. can help your Yonkers office get more organized.

In addition, shredding can reduce the volume of trash your Yonkers office generates. Shredding one page versus throwing the page away can reduce by up to 60% the amount of trash generated by an office. This increase in efficiency can help save costs for discarding and disposing of trash.

shredders from DEC Office Solutions, Inc. also help promote workplace safety by ensuring all confidential documents are securely destroyed. Security is essential to any business, and keeping confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands is critical. By installing a shredder in any Yonkers office, workplace safety can be improved and the risk of a data breach can be significantly reduced.

The majority of paper documents now produced in Yonkers-area offices also contain confidential, sensitive information that must be securely destroyed at the end of its lifecycle. A paper shredder is a great choice for recycling everyday documents securely from any Yonkers workstation or office. It helps to alleviate the stress of disposing confidential waste while also keeping all personnel and data secure.

DEC Office Solutions, Inc. offers a wide range of high-end, durable shredders for Yonkers business needs. From cross-cut and strip-cut to rugged high-security paper shredders, DEC has a comprehensive selection of solutions for any office. Every office should also consider the NI-1080 military-grade security paper shredder. This advanced model can shred up to 10 pages at once and is the perfect weapon in any office’s fight against confidential-data breaches.

The security of any Yonkers business is of the utmost importance, and the need to securely destroy confidential documents should no longer be an afterthought. With the right paper-shredding technology from DEC Office Solutions, Inc., any Yonkers office can take its data protection to the next level.


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