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Shredding Security for Office Managers

Office Managers in the Hackensack New Jersey area understand the importance of data and document security. As companies move more and more to digital systems, the safe destruction of the physical documents is still a priority – and only a good quality paper shredder will get the job done. DEC Office Solutions, Inc. is the go-to source for office equipment and document solutions throughout the New York City Tri-State Area.

It’s an office manager’s job to make sure sensitive documents with company or customer information are never accessed by unauthorized personnel. Without a shredder on site, there is a chance such documents could fall into the wrong hands. The need for shredders is more important now than ever before.

What Is a shredder?

Awareness is the best defense against unauthorized access to sensitive materials, and on the forefront of that awareness is a shredder. A shredder is a mechanical device used to cut paper into strips or fine particles to prevent the destruction or retrieval of sensitive materials. They are mainly used to destroy confidential and sensitive documents, including credit card applications, bank statements, tax records, and medical documents. By cutting the documents into tiny pieces, they are unable to be reconstructed.

Types of shredders

The type of shredder you need will depend on the volume of documents to be shredded. There are primarily three types of shredders – Strip-Cut, Cross-Cut, and Micro-Cut. A Strip-Cut shredder is the simplest and least expensive option, with cuts that resemble long, thin strips. A Cross-Cut shredder produces small squares, which makes it a bit more secure than the Strip-Cut shredder. A Micro-Cut shredder cuts paper into very small pieces, similar to the shape of confetti, and these are intended for very sensitive documents.

Benefits of shredders

Beyond document security, shredders also offer many other benefits. Shredded paper can be reused in other forms such as packing materials, insulation, pet bedding, and mulch for flower beds. shredders also help increase productivity by reducing time spent searching for and organizing papers. Finally, shredders make it easier for companies to comply with local compliance laws.

Where to Buy shredders

If you are in the Hackensack New Jersey area, DEC Office Solutions, Inc. is your go-to source for quality shredders, office equipment, document management solutions, and managed print services. We provide top-of-the-line solutions from leading manufacturers such as Canon, HP, Lexmark, Ricoh, and Xerox. From basic to high-level shredders, we offer a complete selection of the best products available.

Office Managers in the Hackensack New Jersey area have a reliable and reliable source for all their administrative needs at DEC Office Solutions, Inc. We are renowned for providing top-notch office equipment and document solutions while ensuring that customer data is being kept safe and secure.


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