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Technology critical to NYC, Tri-State businesses

Scanning technology has evolved drastically since it first debuted in the 1970s. While initially a predecessor to copiers, the modern scanner is much more versatile, and is becoming an indispensable tool for many businesses in the NYC Tri-State area. Today’s scanners offer the capacity to quickly and easily digitize files, creating a paperless option for increased efficiency and organization. Plus, with multiple features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and advanced imaging, scanners can take on tasks that would have been inconceivable a few years ago. This article investigates why scanner technology is so critical to modern businesses, and how DEC Office Solutions, Inc. can help companies in the NYC Tri-State area get the most out of their scanning solutions.

From single documents to large format scanning, scanners have become much more than just a photocopier. With high scan speeds, reliable hardware, and the capacity to automatically recognize different document types, scanners make it faster and simpler for businesses to convert hard-copy documents into digital formats. Furthermore, the capacity to convert large documents into high-quality images means that businesses have the flexibility to save valuable storage space, and can also secure documents with advanced encryption, helping them better protect sensitive corporate information.

For many businesses, the main issue with scanner technology is finding the right scanner to meet their unique needs. Fortunately, DEC Office Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of scanner solutions that are geared to small, medium, and large-sized businesses. To help further narrow down the possibilities, here is an overview of the types of scanners offered by DEC Office Solutions, Inc. for the NYC Tri-State area:

Flatbed scanners

Flatbed scanners are a popular choice in the NYC Tri-State area, in part because they’re quick and easy to use. A flatbed scanner can be used to quickly and accurately scan both large and small documents, which makes it an excellent choice for businesses that are running short on space, or have a lot of documents they need to get digitized quickly. Plus, with an ability to scan up to 600 dpi resolution, flatbed scanners are perfect for ensuring that all documents look their best.

Desktop scanners

If you are looking for a scanner that fits both on your desk and into your cost-savings needs, then desktop scanners are an excellent choice. This type of scanner offers rapid speed, high resolution, and the flexibility to scan multiple document formats. What’s more, desktop scanners are designed to fit discreetly into existing file cabinets, saving even more space.

High-End Document scanners

For businesses that need reliable, high-quality scanning powered through advanced imaging, high-end document scanners are the ideal choice. A key benefit of these scanners is that they are designed to handle different sizes and types of documents quickly without requiring much manual intervention. Businesses that process large amounts of data on a daily basis can benefit from high-end scanners that are engineered to handle large volumes of information in a short amount of time.

Advanced Multi-Functional Devices

For businesses that need comprehensive speed and efficiency, multi-functional devices can be an ideal option. These all-in-one machines are capable of acting as both a scanner and a copier, allowing companies to digitize, copy, and print documents in one machine. Advanced multi-function devices often come with value-added features such as high-volume scanning, automatic double-sided document feeds, document imaging, and advanced scanning software, making them perfect for businesses that need to get a lot done in a short amount of time.

No matter which type of scanner your business chooses, DEC Office Solutions, Inc. can ensure that all businesses in the NYC Tri-State area get the most out of their scanning solutions. DEC Office Solutions, Inc. offers the best scanners and imaging systems to help businesses save time, and the time and money associated with document management.

Scanning technology is critical to the modern business, and with DEC Office Solutions, Inc., businesses in the NYC Tri-State area can get the best scanning options for their specific needs. From flatbed scanners to advanced multi-functional devices, DEC Office Solutions, Inc. has the innovative scanners and imaging systems that can help businesses save time, and secure their documents for increased business efficiency and security.



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