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Working Smarter: Copiers for Westchester County Office Managers

Running an office efficiently requires many interconnected elements to work in harmony, and technology solutions are increasingly necessary to help streamline tasks, reduce costs, and speed up operations. A great way to start modernizing and digitally transforming your office is by implementing the right copiers for the job.

According to the 2019 Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis from CITA, copiers – or, more accurately, multifunctional printing devices (MFPs) – are the cornerstone of any modern office. They provide a single piece of equipment that is capable of printing, scanning and faxing without having to invest in several separate units for each task.

For office managers in the Westchester County area, there are several important factors to consider when choosing the right copiers. Here, we will discuss the key considerations to keep in mind to ensure you find the best MFPs for your office.

What are the Different Types of Copiers?

The term “copiers” actually encompasses a few different types of office equipment. The most common are inkjet copiers, laser copiers, and thermal copiers, each serving different needs and with different benefits and drawbacks.

Inkjet copiers use ink cartridges to produce documents and are best suited for low-volume use; for the occasional printing of a document, there is no better choice. They tend to be more affordable than laser copiers, but are also less efficient in terms of speed and capacity.

Laser copiers are the best choice for large print jobs. They use toner cartridges to produce documents quickly and efficiently, allowing for larger print jobs to be completed in a shorter amount of time. The initial cost of a laser copier may be more expensive than an inkjet copier, but in many cases, the savings over time can outweigh the extra upfront cost.

Thermal copiers are the most efficient choice for small businesses or in cases when demand for printing is low. Rather than using ink or toner, thermal copiers heat special papers to create images, resulting in a clean, minimalistic look. They are also a very affordable option, and are ideal for short-term projects or low-volume tasks.

Which Type of Copier is Best for Westchester County Offices?

The answer will depend on the work volume, type of documents being printed, and budget. Generally speaking, laser copiers are the best choice for busy and growing offices. They are more reliable, and can handle the larger print jobs that most offices require. They may require a higher initial investment, but many businesses are able to offset the higher costs with more efficient usage over time.

Inkjet copiers are the best choice for those who only need to make occasional prints. Unless the office is very large, it’s not likely that the savings associated with inkjet copiers will offset the additional costs over time.

The thermal copier is the best choice for those with very low printing volumes. An office that only produces a few accounting statements or customer invoices per year, for example, will benefit the most from this type of machine.

Last ideas

For office managers in Westchester County, finding the right copiers can be a daunting task. But by considering the type of documents being printed, the volume, and the budget, the process can be made easier. Laser copiers tend to be the most cost-effective choice for the majority of offices, while inkjet copiers are ideal for low-volume and occasional use, and thermal copiers are ideal for businesses with very low printing needs.


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